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my Little (1:01:25 AM): Rural Sociology
my Little (1:01:28 AM): WTF IS THAT
Haaaaaaaaahahaha (1:01:51 AM): ew
Haaaaaaaaahahaha (1:01:52 AM): lmao
Haaaaaaaaahahaha (1:01:57 AM): how hicks interact?
my Little (1:02:41 AM): ooo
my Little (1:02:43 AM): so basically
my Little (1:02:45 AM): its
my Little (1:02:48 AM): the rules of nascar

I am greatly amused.
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I found a paper with evidence that marijuana causes physical addiction and creates withdrawal symptoms when taken away. Huh. If anyone is interested it's on pubmed.com. The authors are Milin Manion Dare and Walker.
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Oh dear god.

I'm watching the live broadcast on www.thon.org and just can't handle it, but I can't tear myself away.

A 10 year old is speaking about his cancer and how much we all helped him and inspire him. I got to meet him personally yesterday. He's such a smart kid. He's speaking about it on stage. I can't fsdkjfskg

"Someday, we will dance in celebration, but until then, we dance for a cure."

For the Kids, THON 2010. Rest in Peace Kaeli.
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Things to Do

-Kick the crap out of this Psych exam
-Ochem prelab
-Study for Japanese
-Study for Japanese oral exam
-Biology lab report
-Ochem notebook pages
-Get stuff together for pledge quizzes

Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone! My boyfriend is the sweetest guy ever ♥ He drove me around when I needed to go places on V-day, and then he surprised me by gifting me with "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" which was my favorite book growing up. I was dying to see the movie. Oh yeah and then he took me out to dinner the next night. Mmmmmm Thai food ♥


I love you ;w; I wish I had more time to talk to you on the interwebs. ♥♥♥♥♥

Dammit I hate snow. The only thing I like about snow is when you stand still in the middle of snowfall and everything sounds muffled. My boyfriend, being Canadian, is obligated to love it.